Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our House to Wallingford…on the bike

We had a great adventure yesterday.

Seattle Tilth was having a Farm Fair and they had me at goats. We just had to go. I was itching to try out a longer trip on the bike. Thus far we had only been around the neighborhood.

I loaded up the kids and away we went. It took a good one hour and 45 minutes to go the 10.5 miles. A bit longer than I anticipated, but we weren't in any hurry. It was much more pleasant than being in a car. And with a Husky game, general Saturday traffic and parking, it probably didn't take that much longer.

We visited some booths, did a bit of dancing. Watched the goats. Ate organic peaches and bread. A nice way to spend the afternoon.

The ride home consisted of one napping toddler, a singing and then screaming infant boy. I stopped several times to feed him but that never stopped him for long. I felt like a terrible parent as the many cyclists passed me by with a look of "Do you know there is screaming infant in that trailer behind you?" Well yes in fact I did. But it was either stop and pacify him for a minute or just keep going. I chose to just keep going.

We made it home all in one piece. Turns out he needed a diaper change. But you can't think of everything. This parenting thing can be tough. Sometimes you remember to make it all the way through the list, and sometimes you forget. After 21 miles, I forgot one of the first checks: the diaper.

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