Friday, September 12, 2008

Harper's Birthday

Today is Harper's 2nd Birthday. I don't think she knows what that means. We keep telling her she is two and then when we ask her how old she is, she say "free."

Yesterday I rode Eliza to work so I could pick up the bike on my way home. I am really excited about this Skuut. Harper's cousin Jasper has one and he loves it. I must admit, I felt pretty cool riding with this big box hanging out behind me.

I was so excited I had to put it together last night. Pretty easy, just a few screws in a few places. I can only imagine this is the beginning of years to dread the 2 words "assembly required."

But 15 minutes and sore fingertips later, we have bike.

I have overambitious parent syndrome. I really wanted her to have her own bike and this one is the coolest. Harper, however is too small for it yet. I am more disappointed than she is. We gave it to her this morning, and she could barely touch the ground on her tippy toes. (We discussed saving it for Christmas, but I couldn't wait!) So I pushed her around the house a few times and she loved it. I think we can have some fun with it until she gets tall enough.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter received a skuut for her second birthday and she too is too small to ride it, until a friend told us that that her cousin reassembled it with the body upside down, and Voila! Her feet can touch the ground!

I'm hoping that she will get over the initial fear soon, as she is obsessed with bikes!

Charlie in Portland